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Privacy Policy

Using the Fly Card application, you trust us with your personal data. To find out what information we collect and how to use it, attentively explore our privacy policy.

General Provisions

  • This Policy is an official document, which defines the procedurefor processing and protecting information about individuals usingthe Apps.
  • The purpose of this Policy is to ensure proper protection ofinformation about users, including their personal data, fromunauthorized access and disclosure.
  • Relationships related to the collection, storage, dissemination andprotection of information about users are governed by this Policy.
  • The Apps Administration has the right to make changes to thisPolicy.
  • Using the Apps, user agrees with the terms of this Policy.
  • If the user disagrees with the terms of this Policy, the use of theApplication must be immediately terminated.
  • Information, which we collect

    Registration and account information

    Using our App, you voluntarily provide us with personal information (forexample, name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, place of work, socialnetworking pages, if necessary, payment information) and, thus, you aren'tanonymous for us . The information you enter into the business card isn'tconfidential, as it is part of the application functionality. We guaranteethe protection of this information from receiving it, bypassing thefunctionality of the application. Installing the Fly Card application, youwill also be asked to provide access to the address book of your mobiledevice. We will collect and store on our servers copies of phone numbersand names of all your contacts (regardless of whether they use Fly Card ornot) so that we can provide a link between you and your contacts. When yousign up for the Fly Card for the first time and create your first businesscard, if you put the Public icon, the addresses in the address book whoalready use the Fly Card can be informed that you are also using the FlyCard.

    Additional Information

    We can collect additional information if you access the application througha specific device (for example, your mobile device's unique identifier,information about your mobile device's operating system, your browser,browser language or operating system, your wireless network. collect WPSdata about your location in order to store information exactly where yousaved a new business card - you can turn off providing this data bychanging the settings for determining the location so you reduce thefunctionality of the application.

    Use and storage of information

  • The information we receive from you ensures that you can use theFly Card. Your information is retained as long as necessary, andhelps us continually improve our application and offers you newopportunities. Within this task, we can use the information youprovided for the following purposes:
  • To manage and improve our services, for example, by providinginformation services to users, avoid the re-entering of identicalinformation when you are already using our services. We use yourinformation, but the result of such use may be inaccurate, so youmust attentively fill out your business card
  • To provide you with technical support services
  • For internal analysis and research to improve our application, aswell as other products and services
  • To send you administrative messages (for example, in case youforgot your password)
  • To process your payments for the services of our application
  • To detect and prevent fraud and abuse of our applications orservices
  • Information you share

    Our application is designed to exchange your contact information,therefore, it's important to remember that it can be transferred from userto user of our application.

    Disclosure of information to third parties

    Fly Card stores Personal information and protects it from unauthorizedaccess and distribution. We don't sell your personal information, don'trent out or otherwise distribute personal information without the user'sconsent.

    We can provide your personal information to third parties, who don't applyto Fly Card, for the purposes listed above, and in the followingsituations:

    The transfer is necessary in the context of the User's use of thefunctionality of the Application and / or the specificity of the Servicebased on it

    To other third parties with your consent: we may disclose your informationto other third parties on the basis of your express permission to send yourinformation within the scope of using integrated services (or those aboutwhich you have been directly informed and you have given consent using aparticular service)

    Liability and statutory responsibility: we may disclose your information tolaw enforcement agencies, government agencies or authorized third partiesin response to confirmed request related to the prevention of terroristactivities, criminal cases, alleged illegal activities, or for any otheractivity that may entail legal liability, on your part, on our part or fromany other user of the Fly Card

    Modification of management structure - new owners: we can provide yourinformation to another legal entity in case of possible merger with suchperson, or if such person plans to purchase a Fly Card or participates in atransaction with a similar financial result. In this case, we will make allreasonable efforts to ensure that the terms of this Policy are respected inrelation to your personal information by a new incorporated entity or otherentity

    Setting up personal information

    You understand and agree that the information you publish can be viewed,and re-sent by other users of our services. You can protect your personalinformation by changing the settings.

    We suggest that you fill out the privacy settings for your information inorder to avoid risks, otherwise you will be considered with the defaultsettings accepted. You understand and agree that the full use of ourapplication means setting the default information, and can make yourpersonal information accessible to the public in order to improve the userexperience. Such default settings may allow any other person to have accessto or receive your personal information. If you hope to change such defaultsettings, please make changes to the respective services.

    Data protection

    We do our best to protect the Fly Card and our users from unauthorizedattempts to access, modify, disclose or destroy the data we hold. We taketechnical, physical and administrative security measures to protect yourpersonal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure ormodification. Some of the security methods include firewalls, dataencryption, physical access control of our data centers, and authorizationcontrol of access to information. We also need your help: you areresponsible for the accuracy of the personal information you provided, andalso because your password (s) and account login information are stored ina secure place and protected from third-party access.